• C.A.P. Speech

"My name is Jason Rosenhaus and I am the father of my six year old daughter Aubrey Rosenhaus. For over two years now, Aubrey has had the tremendous good fortune to work speech therapist Melanie Cap. My wife Cassandra and I scrutinize very carefully who we allow to work with our daughter, who was four at the time, but we instantly were extremely impressed with Melanie and our appreciation for her devotion to Aubrey has only increased ever since. Aubrey had difficulty with her speech at an early age and Melanie was not the first speech therapist we used but will certainly be the last. From the start, Melanie came to our house and worked with Aubrey in the child's natural setting. Rather than take a strict, disciplinarian approach, Melanie found creative ways to keep Aubrey attentive and also used creative rewards to reinforce positive behavior. Melanie motivated Aubrey to do her best to earn perfect scores on her tests. Instead of dreading speech class, it is the exact opposite where Aubrey asks for lessons with Ms. Melanie and is disappointed when we can't schedule a lesson. Melanie has been very dedicated and most effective with Aubrey. Her character, integrity and trustworthiness are beyond reproach. Simply put, Melanie is a very caring, decent person. We are extremely grateful to her and it is our extraordinary pleasure to show our appreciation to Melanie by writing this letter of recommendation." Sincerely, Jason Rosenhaus

"Melanie is not only a great Speech Therapist but a great person. We met her when my son was about 2 years old and he was having a very hard time just to enter into any therapist room. He will throw himself on the floor and will stay the whole therapy session crying; nothing will really pull his attention. Melanie, with amazing professionalism had the patience and the strategies to lillIe by little get his attention. She needed to use all her knowledge and creativity to have my son just a little interested. That was how little miracles started to happen for us. My son started to sit at least on the floor with Melanic, repeated some words, played with her, etc. It took a while for him to work with Melanie the whole therapy session, first it was maybe for just 5 min, then for 10 min and so it was incrementing; until she finally got it. My son ended up happy to see Melanie and enjoying working with her. Melanie made my son say words, sing, play and all of that made him progress critically. I can't be grateful enough to her for her patience, for caring so much for our little prince, for giving us her advice, for her dedication, in general for all of her support and help. Thank you again Melanie for being that angel that my son (and us!) needed on those difficult times." - Magaly

"Working with Melanie was a very rewarding experience. My daughter, Angelina, was working with another speech therapist when Melanie came into our life. Although I loved her original therapist, she was very "by the book" and didn't really think outside the box. Angelina was born with Down Syndrome and had very severe eating difficulties. We needed someone open minded enough to get really creative and try new things that weren't necessarily what was expected. Melanie showed tremendous enthusiasm about trying different techniques and tools and always went out of her way to make sure Angelina was comfortable. Our family loved working with Melanie and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking ACTUAL results from a person who ACTUALLY cares! We love you Melanie!" - Tanya